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Sublime & Blossom Online Store Is Open!

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How many young women can say they have opened their own small business at twenty-one? Not many and it is truly something to be admired, especially when it is something as wonderful and unique as Sublime and Blossom.
Hey and welcome to the brand spanking new website for Sublime and Blossom!
My name is Bec! I’m a cancer and I enjoy cocktails, cute dresses, red lipstick, singing and dancing but most importantly I will be here week to week talking (or rather typing) your ear off about the lovely little business that is Sublime and Blossom, what’s new about it and other little anecdotes surrounding the many one of a kind pieces it carries and much more..
When it opened in July 2015, Sublime and Blossom was Corinne’s dream. Since then this dream has gone above and beyond because in less than a year it has Blossomed (pun intended) into a sublime (again, pun intended), original and unique little business which is so much more than just a little store by the beach.
The first time I visited Sublime and Blossom was on a whim after being invited to one of the VIP nights. Of course I was curiously intrigued by what one of my friends, who I have known since high school, had created so myself and my friend, Mel, took a drive and were the first to arrive at the event. Corinne, of course, greeted us with a hug and a massive proud, warm smile that is typical of her bubbly personality. My first impression as I walked in was ‘wow, this is the cutest shop ever!’, swiftly followed by a pang of jealousy toward Corinne, the proud owner, for actually having the guts and motivation to take hold of a dream and put something like this into motion. And let’s just say we didn’t leave that night without a shopping bag each..
Since then I have popped in from time to time, not only to say hi to my friend, but also to see what new things she had in because I was always seeing the cutest clothes on the Facebook page. Now, each time I return I am amazed by the way the little store has developed and progressed above and beyond how it was the first time I visited. Each aspect of the shop was a little slice of Corinne’s imagination that is now an amazing reality. For someone so young to have accomplished so much in less than a year is truly an inspiration to women everywhere!
Now, enough gushing and back to the reason I am here:
As I was about to say, this website is more than just that- instead of just being able to see all the fabulous new items that Sublime and Blossom has to offer, this website will also offer insight to the different brands that the store carries and will also have a weekly visit from me in the form of this blog. I will be telling you about everything from the brands, to Corinne, myself and more so make sure you keep coming back to visit us ;)
I will be here each week to show you how Sublime and Blossom is soooo much more than just a cute little clothing store and how it holds a plethora of clothing, brands, local products, accessories, shoes, handbags, beauty products, furniture and more. Each aspect of the store is individual; hand selected and most importantly showcases other small and local businesses and products.
Corinne’s attention to detail and eye for taste has steered her towards brands and products by Shibora, Verali Shoes, People of the Earth, Willow and Wander, Lisslouise, Ruby Olive, Tony Bianco, Urban Originals, Ossix, David and Adele and Mink Pink.
Over the coming weeks my crazy ranting will describe and give you a little insight into these different products and how they came to be a part of Sublime and Blossom’s impressive portfolio.
I will love you and leave you here for the week before I start getting too gushy about Sublime and Blossom. I am really grateful and excited to be along for the ride at the launch of this website and I fear that this week it may have come out in my writing (don’t worry I will settle down eventually). Hopefully I can bribe Corinne with coffee and love to sit down with me during this week so I can interview her and we can start next week with the story of her brainchild that is Sublime and Blossom!
If you get a moment this week pop in to Sublime and Blossom, you won’t regret it!
Love Bec xoxo

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