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Crescent Head Wandering

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Australia is definitely showing off now. Our coastal towns reached the high 40's over the weekend in temperature and i'm almost certain when it's too hot to even go for a swim at the beach, something isn't quite right!

Determined to keep our body temperatures below boiling point, we decided to take advantage of the car's close up air conditioning and head out on a road trip. 

Sydney wearing our beautiful Flora Maxi dress.

'Head North' was the only concrete plan we had when jumping in the car..that and stopping for some ice water! 

Two pump bottles and some terrible renditions of 'Let Me Love You' to the radio later, we spontaneously took the turn off to Crescent Head Beach. 

Crescent Head is a small coastal town on the East Coast of NSW, known for it's beautiful coastline and even better waves in the right season. That cool ocean breeze we were looking for was a balmy 38 degree wind, so we decided to make more frequent stops, but keep them short to explore the town..and stay cool!


After checking out people braving the sun at 'the Point' and then stopping into the local supermarket for a browse...ok for the air-conditioning...We discovered a local cafe with amazing ice coffee! Blackfish Coffee is a small cafe across from the Tavern in Crescent Head and their beverages are unreal - especially on a humid summer's day!

After cooling down on the inside we continued on to stop throughout Crescent Head, visiting friends and testing out roadside tree swings. The town is so beautiful here..welcoming, friendly and abundant in character! Time moves quickly when you're enjoying air-conditioning and before we knew it we were ready to head back to Port Macquarie. 

Although the heat had been staggering, exploring a place basically on our doorstep was so much fun and we really do recommend taking the drive. Not only do you discover beautifully scenic beaches so close to home, but just getting out of your every day routine has a relaxing flow on effect. 

Next time the temperatures are soaring and your feet are feeling itchy, hop in that car..grab a friend..and head for a small coastal town - the destination is wonderful, but the trip it's self is where you'll really have some fun!


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