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Fiji is calling...

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Recently, Hollie from Sublime & Blossom took some time out & soaked up some sun in Fiji! She had such a great time, she wanted to give you a glimpse of how beautiful it is. I don't know about you, but I'm already packing in my head! 


Pop on some swimmers and grab your sandals, we’re going to Fiji!
Summer all year long? Yes please! Fiji’s weather during winter averages between 20 and 32 degrees, perfect weather for cocktails and strolls along the beach if you ask me.
From lazing in a hammock under palm trees in my Luna Wrap Maxi, to happy hour at the Bula Bar in my Wild Oasis Maxi, a week in Fiji was exactly what the doctor ordered.. along with a few piña colada’s, of course!

When I first heard Fiji my mind instantly went to a week spent soaking up sunshine and floating around the swim up bar, but by day three we had visited local villages, participated in building a school and went zip lining through a rainforest! Don't get me wrong, we had plenty of time relaxing by the pool and dawdling along the crystal watered beach as well, I mean the beach made it hard to say ‘no’ to cardio… crazy, I know!


How could anyone possibly get sick of waking up to that sunrise every morning. If that view isn't enough to make you want to buy your plane ticket right now, than check out these little cuties!

Have you ever seen smiles filled with so much joy? These gorgeous children are bright and beautiful and have the world at their feet. Rather than having their noses stuffed in a phone or computer screen they spend each and every day learning, singing, dancing and rejoicing for the wonderful world we are so blessed to live in.
As they say in Fiji “No hurry, No worry! You're on Fiji time now!” Sometimes we just need to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, take a breath of fresh air and just appreciate where we are and what we have. Life is so beautiful and so is the world we live in, and trust me when I say when you start exploring this gorgeous planet you won't want to stop! The travel bug is real!

A massive vinaka (thank you) to The Outrigger Resort and every single person we were blessed to meet on our travels. From the warmest welcome to the sweetest goodbyes, Fiji you captured my heart. Until next time...

- H xx

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