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Its offical.. we have the travel bug!!

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I don't think its any secret that you don't need to travel to catch the travel bug. Some of us are born with the urge to explore, create and dream. Whether you're a frequent traveller, someone setting out on an adventure of a life time, a planner or simply someone with a little wanderlust, these journals are practically calling your name!

With four versions of these journals available, picking the perfect one for you can be a little difficult, but never fear, we're here to make it a little easier for you! Swept away by Wanderlust, Life's a Road Trip (regular or luxe) and My Bucketlist are all available in store for you now.

Swept away by Wanderlust
"Swept away by Wanderlust is for you to capture the sensations, thoughts and feelings that you experience on your travels that a photograph can never retell nor remind you of." For all you passionate travellers out there, this ones for you! This journal is another form of expressing yourself, your travel addictions, the stories you'll be sharing for the rest of your life, the people you meet along the way and every single magical moment and feeling you experience!

Life's a Road Trip (available in brown leather or white luxe)
Ever wandered what it would be like to grab your closest friend, some clothes, a pile of maps, a car and just go? Wherever your heart may desire. "Wild, curious and carefree. The world is our playground and there's no better way to feel at one with the earth than hitting the road and exploring it on wheels." Life's a Road Trip are for those of you out there that are carefree explorers, taking the tracks less travelled and creating a new memory around every corner.

My Bucketlist
Bucket list - 'a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime'. It's no surprise that we all have a bucket list, whether we have it scribbled down somewhere or just saved in the back of our minds. Rather than putting things off or forgetting the things we want to experience, My Bucketlist helps us achieve our goals and dreams. We're all brought into this world as a blank canvas, its up to us what gets painted on that canvas, watch how much your life changes when you start ticking off those dreams you've always wanted to experience!

"Blessed are the curious. For they shall have adventures." - Lovelle Dranchman

Never be afraid to do what pleases your soul, we only have one life, but if we do it right, one is enough! Get out and start ticking off those adventurous dreams of yours, I sure know I will be! 

Until next time xx 

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