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Designed and created locally, Amy Smith has been working tirelessly to bring our customers her unique range of swimwear. Each design oozes style and an authenticity we haven't seen in swimwear for quite some time. These pieces are designed by a woman who is skilled at understanding the female form and finished with great attention to detail. 

We caught up with Amy recently over a coffee and some sneaky sweet treats to find out a bit more about Ossix...

So Amz, when did you begin Ossix?

I started designing Ossix again early last year (2016) after a few years break. It’s a completely different ball game this time round. The swimwear sector seems to have multiplied ten-fold with new emerging labels. This combined with strong social media influences, innovative fabric technology and a constant change in fashion trends has made a highly competitive market. Its an exciting time to be designing swimwear and part of the fashion industry again!

What made you want to design swimwear?

I think the beauty and glamour you can create around the female form is what drew me towards swimwear. Swimwear reminds me of Summertime, in my minds eye I see sun, fun, splashing, surfing and happy times with friends and family. I grew up surfing and loving the water, I always felt so free and liberated spending my day in just my bikinis! I love creating new designs and different styles, but most of all I love seeing the designs actually on, It’s magic!

For more from the beautiful Amy, head in store and try on some Ossix swimwear for yourself today! 

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Words and imagery by friend of the brand, 

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